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Who is lindsey haun dating

$(document).ready(function() { // Check to see if it's webkit, if so, use bold. Date Removed: 5th January 2016 Available for: Unknown Description: College kids on a foreign holiday have a really bad trip after munching on hallucinogenic mushrooms that cause horrific visions to become reality.That ending couldn’t work without a performance from the guest star that makes Telek both believably cold and Romulan, and simultaneously extremely likeable.Vaughn Armstrong holds the record for playing the largest number of separate characters across four series in the franchise (12), and the reason various producers and casting directors kept asking him back is because he can always be relied upon to give a heartfelt, nuanced performance, inhabiting each different alien, human or cybernetic character in a different way. Much of the episode’s success is down to Susan Diol’s quietly emotive performance as Denara Pel, a woman living with a serious chronic illness who gets the chance, for just a few days, to live without it, and who takes full advantage of that opportunity.Kashyk, however, was one of the most interesting, a ruthless Space Nazi Janeway never quite trusts, but very much wants to.

Some Q episodes can be a bit like marmite, beloved by some, heartily disliked for their occasional silliness or stretched plausibility by others.Some, however, are genuine classics, and this is one of them, thanks in no small part to Gerrit Graham’s whimsical but simultaneously sad performance as a suicidal member of the Q Continuum.An episode that essentially debates the right to die, the underlying moral question is one for which there is no simple resolution, but Graham’s thoughtful performance ensures that the episode as a whole works well, presenting a character the audience can sympathise with regardless of whether or not they agree with his ethical point of view, and offering a neat balance to John de Lancie’s more emotive, extravagant Q.If your sides hurt too much from laughing at all the comedy shows we previously told you to binge-watch, then we have just the thing to give your ribs a break: drama movies.Comedies are great and all, but sometimes you're just in the mood for a movie that'll make you things, and possibly cry sad (or happy) tears.

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A good performance in a nicely put-together episode.