Who is lacey turner dating

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Who is lacey turner dating

"My mates and my family know who I am and that's all I really care about.Making my parents proud and happy." She did say she would be reluctant to date another actor, adding: "I'm not on the lookout right now so I haven't really thought about it.‘I haven’t done much planning yet.’ It sounds like the nuptials will be pretty special as the pair are still as smitten as when they started dating as teenagers.‘When I was younger and thought about wanting a house and dogs, Matt was in the picture, too,’ Lacey explains."It's a really exciting time for Irish actresses and actually women from all different parts of this creative industry. It was kind of Saoirse Ronan who really paved the way - she's the youngest of us all, but she did. We're all rising on her coat-tails and I'd take any job she doesn't want to do." By Sam Blewett, Press Association Los Angeles Correspondent Ridley Scott has said he will not be recuperating costs from Kevin Spacey after last-minute re-shoots to scrub the disgraced actor from All The Money In The World cost millions.actress Lacey Turner has opened up about her upcoming wedding to fiancé Matt Kaye.If I meet someone nice, great, but I'm very happy on my tod." Similarly Turner, who is reportedly dating advertising executive Tara Derakshan, said last year he also would prefer not to date a fellow actor, saying the relationship can be clouded with industry talk and overshadow the "real things".Meanwhile, Sarah, who lives in London with former Love/Hate stars Ruth Bradley and Charlie Murphy, heralded a new golden era of opportunities for Irish actresses, crediting Saoirse Ronan and Ruth Negga for paving the way.

One fan states "I thought that was Kim," while another said "When I saw the pic I was like where is Kim going with him?

‘I’m ready for motherhood and I want four children – Matt wants three.

We need something a bit more exciting in our lives! Lacey and Matt – who have been dating since they were just 15 – live in a four-bedroom house in Hertfordshire with their dogs Dexter and Reggie and Matt is just as keen to welcome a new addition.

"At first it got to me and then it was like, 'you know what?

People can say whatever they want, people are always going to say whatever they want.

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" Chris Hughes has been forced to defend girlfriend Olivia Attwood once again.