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Wel sex video chat

5 Living well with dementia Although there is no cure, there are steps that a person can take to potentially stabilise the course of dementia - at least for a time.

New ways of caring for people who are diagnosed are therefore vital.Assistive technologies are helping to promote safety and well-being as well as assisting with tasks such as locating missing objects such as a purse or a bunch of keys, telling the time of day and the date, or taking medications at the right time.There is also much interest in the potential of therapeutic interactive robots.Alzheimer's disease accounts for the majority of cases in older people and often develops slowly, over several years.In the early stages it can be difficult to distinguish from the mild forgetfulness that can be a normal part of ageing.

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Dr Christine Fitzgerald, from Trinity College's Global Brain Health Institute, working with the nationwide 'Dementia: Understand Together' campaign, shares the following 10 things to know about dementia - to help you better support people living with the condition.

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