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When the pelvic floor muscles fail to relax and contract properly, this can be referred to as “pelvic floor dyssynergia”.

The inability to relax and contract the pelvic floor muscles correctly can lead to symptoms of constipation, straining with bowel movements, and feelings of incomplete evacuation.

Some of the physical therapy treatments for constipation include external and internal rectal myofascial release techniques, trigger point release techniques, biofeedback therapy to help down train tight muscles and/or up train weak muscles, instruction to correct bowel techniques to prevent straining, instruction in home exercise program to stretch and strengthen pelvic floor, hip and gluteal muscles.

Manual therapy is needed to reduce the tension, adhesions, and knots in muscles that cause them to become dysfunctional.

This treatment is always with a patient’s permission, may be uncomfortable, but overall a very successful approach to rehabilitate faulty pelvic muscles patterns that resulted in constipation.

There are many causes, but when constipation is due to “pelvic floor dyssynergia”, which are restricted pelvic floor muscles around the anal region that contract instead of relax during attempted bowel movements, a licensed physical therapist, trained in pelvic floor dysfunction can reverse constipation and help you resume normal bowel function.The weight, expressed in the number of ounces per yard of fiber extending above the primary backing.These factors (gauge, pitch, density and face weight) all have direct effects upon each of the others.Our 360 VR team have created a beautiful 360 VR tour of Coldplay’s private studio, guided by Chris Martin himself.This was watched over a million times on Facebook 360.

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