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s O, I THINK THE INTENTION WAS TO STEAL SOME MONEY FROM ME. D I also have met a man on the internet and he said he name is Eric Nicholas and he was in Iraq and he was a soldier there, after a month talking to him, he started telling me he loves me and that he wants to be with me, then all of a sudden he is sending me money from there he spent 00.00 then when this package was received in the UK the UK sent me a notice saying that I needed to send 0.00 to have the package released to me, after I have payed that they are now asking for 10.00 because of customs and immigration, I am very doubtful at this point, now he is mad and said he had a friend to send 0.

these guys doing these scams should be well punished by the malasian law, cant they react there that these scammers are causing defamation to their country.. I also had bad experience with First Express Logistic Currier Delivery Service in Malaysia. I have Paid 3, 960.00 MYR, But after that I must Pay again the Insurance for : Charge Services: Insurance: 2, 685 RM V. T: 1, 800 RM TOTAL === 4, 485 RM FOUR THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED AND EIGHTY FIVE MALAYSIA RINGGIT Now the package is still hold in Malaysia... Go to hell for all international cheather Malaysia... The name of our account officer for the payment ACCOUNT NAME: NABIL HERMAN ADDRESS: Lot A 5, Ground Floor, Bandar Tyng, Jalan Labuk, Mile 6, 90000 Sandakan, Sabah Mlaysia.

Thanks Mrs Mohamed Binti Haminah Secretary of 24-7 International Courier Service Ltd. Heheheh, this time the scammers are not clever enough ... because I got a call from London 447031867675, 447565467347 and I received a phone call or sms from 6285711554722 Indonesia who asked me to transfer some money ... while from Malaysia can be seen from the emails that claim to be a branch office in malaysia who also asked for some money to be transferred on behalf of myself ... lol Names behind the scam: Anderson Jerry, Tom Lewis, Aris Candy, Castro Jerry, Felix Michael, Gerald Ferguson Cole, Jack Robinson, Maxwell Groove, Michael Campbell, Mike O' Brian, Nelson Mike, Robinsin Cole, Richardson D.

Cole, Richy Brown, William Thomas, Martin Hendley, Colins Brown and a lot more...

last week he supposedly send a parcel with 2 i Phone, jewellery and money 5000 pounds via Company Name: Dynamic cargo courier services, Website: days ago she received a mail asking to pay 950 USD to release the parcel which was on hold as it contains currency and as Mr Duke was offshore he said he cant make the payment and my friend made the 1st the same day they sent another mail saying to pay 1500 USD now for insurance.

my friend came into contact with the guy and the latter asked to release the parcel by all means even if my friend must borrow money..

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but they still continue to exists despite of so many complaints about their evil doings..maybe are big syndicates, that is why the Malaysian authorities can't do legal act to punish them...anyway, evil never wins... You are Thief Gangster and Mafia also This is the letter from First Express Logistic Courier Delivery Services. COUNTRY: MALAYSIA Kindly find the Total amount in Malaysian Ringgit and the Equivalent in Indonesia Indonesian Rupiah ( 3, 960.00 MYR is equivalent to 11, 401, 739.00 IDR ) Once you transfer the fee through western union to us. PLEASE NOTE==I INSERTED THE 25, 000 POUNDS INSIDE THE CARTON THAT CONTAINS THE DIGITAL CAMERA I WRAPPED IT VERY WELL WITH THREE PLASTIC.