Updating automatic licence manual

Posted by / 16-Sep-2017 20:07

Updating automatic licence manual

Data will have to be copied or exported, sorted, duplicated and provided to senior managers.

Any changes will typically involve cutting and pasting and as such are prone to error.

We also have Cyber Essentials Plus and IASME security certification.

What would you do if a disgruntled employee reports you to the Information Commissioners Office and claims they didn’t give permission?

What evidence would you have that you didn’t access their personal data unlawfully?

So someone will have to check on a regular basis and take necessary action as well as maintaining and updating the central database or Excel sheets.

With a non-automated system, errors and failures happen.

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When the time taken to interrogate the DVLA service for each check and clerical and administrative time is factored in, the cost of using a secure, automated and intuitive service with full reporting facilities may not actually be that different: it might be a lot cheaper.