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We have talked to several agents and they will only insure for a total cost of k, no matter what we add to it. I'm going to talk to the insurance agent and see if that makes a difference.Thanks for posting and for your question regarding insurance. When we speak with them, we never utter the words "trailer" or "mobile home".The General Assembly finds that abandoned mobile homes are a nuisance because they cause blight and depress property values.Existing laws create unnecessary impediments to their speedy and efficient removal and disposal. We’re Darren and Beth, and we’ve lived in our double-wide mobile home since 1995.Unfortunately, our mobile home was built before the new HUD regulations for mobile home building standards and we have had many surprises along the way during our renovation projects! Several years ago, we looked around our home and tossed around the idea of buying/building a new stick built home.

Unless all delinquent mobile home privilege taxes (including penalty and interest) are paid and electric and water service restored to this mobile home within 30 days of the date of this notice, the (name of municipality) shall remove and dispose of the mobile home, and it shall be disposed of or sold at public auction free and clear of any existing liens.

Our contractor has already framed the openings to the new addition for bathroom and living room.

They will be drywall ed over til we have the funds to do the addition. I read your post in regards to HUDS change from mobile to manufactured distinction.

For less than 1/10th the cost, we could renovate our home and make it more structurally sound and more aesthetically pleasing, while updating and making it more energy efficient every step of the way.

We had done several smaller projects like flooring and painting/wallpaper in years past. We hope to inspire and encourage others to choose this option.

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