Updating a jlist

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Updating a jlist

Scene; import javafx.scene.control.*; import javafx.scene.layout.*; import javafx.stage.Stage; public class Observable Listdemo extends Application { private final Observable List Figure 1: Output of the preceding code The Observable class and the Observer interface provide a invaluable impetus to implement sophisticated program architectures based on the Model-View-Controller paradigm.

MJScroll Pane(j CBList); % Now place this scroll-pane within a Matlab container (figure or panel) [jh Scroll,h Container] = javacomponent(j Scroll Pane,[10,10,100,100],gcf); % Update some items' state programmatically % j CBModel = j Check Model; % j CBModel.check All; % j CBModel.uncheck Index(1); % j CBModel.uncheck Index(3); % % Respond to checkbox update events % jh CBModel = handle(j CBModel, 'Callback Properties'); % set(jh CBModel, 'Value Changed Callback', @my Matlab Callback Fcn); function pushbutton1_Callback(h Object, eventdata, handles) % First create the data model j List = List will be ok j List.add(0,'First'); j List.add(1,'Second'); j List.add(2,'Third'); j List.add(3,'Forth'); j List.add(4,'Fifth'); j List.add(5,'Sixth'); j List.add(6,'and last'); assignin('base', 'j List', jlist); % Next prepare a Check Box List component within a scroll-pane j CBList = com.mathworks.mwswing.checkboxlist.

The is at least 75% shorter then a comparable java version.

Time is money, and here is proof the jython can save you money and make you more productive.

Here, data representation in the model and view are synchronized seamlessly.

Java FX s represent the data of the underlying model.

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