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The next evening Mc Gee goes to the nightclub to see Chookie’s friend Cathy.This cannot be a Monday, as the club is closed Mondays (p.23).The first year is way too early and the last violates Pratt’s copyright rule, leaving 19 as the two possibilities.He eliminates 1955 based on an extensive reconstruction of Mc Gee’s life between the Korean War and The call to Mrs. 56), which was the day after Mc Gee returned with Lois Atkinson to find “nine days of mail” (p. Counting back from August second (Tuesday), nine mail-delivery days brings us to Saturday, July 23.

Although published in 1965, Pratt “firmly” places the action of the book in 1962.On page 56 of the paperback original Mc Gee calls a Mrs.William Callowell looking for a pilot who flew with Cathy Kerr’s father in World War II.lacks specific day-date references, although it does specify the month it begins (June) and the month it ends (July).Eliminating conflicts, it could take place in either 1964 or 1965. The later books all contain dates that are easily identifiable, closely matching their publication dates, but several contain internal errors that Pratt attempts to rectify, mainly by way of a character (Mc Gee or otherwise) making a mistake in recollecting past incidents.

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Only a handful of them end in a year following the copyright.