Svn is out of date try updating are jared padalecki and genevieve cortese dating

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Svn is out of date try updating

Your Subversion import looks like it has a remote named tags with branches under it.

Now that you have a working repository, you can do some work on the project and push your commits back upstream, using Git effectively as a SVN client.

Subversion has to clone one revision at a time and then push it back into another repository — it’s ridiculously inefficient, but it’s the only easy way to do this.

Partly for this reason, working with Git-based remote versions of your projects concurrently with a Subversion server isn’t a good idea.

You’ll start with the $ git svn clone file:///tmp/test-svn -T trunk -b branches -t tags Initialized empty Git repository in /Users/schacon/projects/testsvnsync/svn/.git/ r1 = b4e387bc68740b5af56c2a5faf4003ae42bd135c (trunk) A m4/acx_pthread.m4 A m4/stl_hash.m4 ...

r75 = d1957f3b307922124eec6314e15bcda59e3d9610 (trunk) Found possible branch point: file:///tmp/test-svn/trunk = \ file:///tmp/test-svn /branches/my-calc-branch, 75 Found branch parent: (my-calc-branch) d1957f3b307922124eec6314e15bcda59e3d9610 Following parent with do_switch Successfully followed parent r76 = 8624824ecc0badd73f40ea2f01fce51894189b01 (my-calc-branch) Checked out HEAD: file:///tmp/test-svn/branches/my-calc-branch r76 — on the URL you provide. The test project has only about 75 commits and the codebase isn’t that big, so it takes just a few minutes.

Merge conflict during commit: Your file or directory ' README.txt' is probably \ out-of-date: resource out of date; try updating at /Users/schacon/libexec/git-\ core/git-svn line 482 $ git svn dcommit Committing to file:///tmp/test-svn/trunk ...

M Committed r81 M r81 = 456cbe6337abe49154db70106d1836bc1332deed (trunk) No changes between current HEAD and refs/remotes/trunk Resetting to the latest refs/remotes/trunk $ git svn dcommit Committing to file:///tmp/test-svn/trunk ...

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