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Many of Atlanta’s retired streetcars were sold to Seoul, Korea, where they operated for several more years.

At that time, all of 948’s electrical and mechanical equipment was removed and sent to Seoul for spare parts.

Freshly repaired and returned to service in late 2011, this car maintains a history on the Branford Electric Railway dating back to the very earliest years of the 20th Century.

The Museum owns nearly 100 vintage transit vehicles, as described in more detail below.

Click here to get more information about enjoying a trolley ride for your special event. 865 is similar to car 775 listed under “Cars you may ride.” It is one year younger and was built for suburban service on the New Haven Division.

Trademark of its suburban operation were overhead luggage racks made of brass, a detail not found on typical “city” streetcars.

After being retired in the 1960s, the museum acquired it in 1967, and it ran on our line for three years as Vienna 4239 before being restored to its original appearance as Third Avenue 629 in 1970.

Brooklyn Car 4573 is well known and used at the museum.

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