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although outside of export markets the Camry remained exclusively a sedan.These cars served above the comparably sized Toyota Carina and Corona in the Toyota hierarchy.The subsequent Camry V20 series, debuted in 1986 with a station wagon substituting the liftback body variant and Japan-only hardtop sedans making their debut.The company replaced the V20 in 1990 with the V30 sedan and hardtop, but this model series was exclusive to Japan.Automotive tax regulations in that country dictated the retention of a narrower body as utilized in previous Camry generations.

Celica Camry utilizes the front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout and in A40 guise, a standard four-link rigid axle suspension system with gasoline inline-four engines displacing 1.6 liters for the 12T-U (TA41) and 1.8 liters with the 13T-U (TA46). In August 1980, Toyota released high-end models with four-wheel independent suspension, denoted A50 (front Mac Pherson struts, rear semi-trailing arm setup; four-wheel disc brakes).

; Japanese: トヨタ・カムリ Toyota Kamuri) is an automobile sold internationally by the Japanese manufacturer Toyota since 1982, spanning multiple generations.

Originally compact in size (narrow-body), later Camry models have grown to fit the mid-size classification (wide-body)—although the two sizes co-existed in the 1990s.

Japan also received the wider XV10 as the Toyota Scepter (トヨタ・セプター).

The company then issued an XV10-bodied coupé in 1993 that was spun off in 1998 as an independent model line, titled Camry Solara.

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Toyota designated this initial application of the Camry name as the A40/A50 series.

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