Skype sex chat robot

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Skype sex chat robot

Released in early April 2016, the main character Jessie was described by the Pullstring team as: As you interact with Jessie over her day, you have the potential to navigate through one of nine possible outcomes.The total ‘product’ consists of over 3000 lines of scripted dialogue across those nine stories, one of which takes anywhere from 25–30 hours to fully navigate, from your first ‘hello’ to some sort of conclusion.Compared to the never-ending abyss of “do sh*t for me” bots, Jessie stands alone.

Establishing this as Jessie’s personality is extremely powerful later in the experience, and was a smart decision as a way to design around some of the current gaps/drawbacks/weaknesses of creating character-based bots (which we’ll explore later in this post). I mostly tried to ‘play along’ and interact with Jessie as I expected an early 20-something woman would (my assumption as to their target user), but did ‘poke the bear’ a few times to try to better understand how Jessie was built, as well as to explore what might happen if and/or when a user deviated too far outside the established domain.Interacting with Jessie doesn’t necessarily ‘do’ anything for you.The product is pure entertainment, exploring the potential of messaging and chat as the delivery mechanism.All of them felt appropriate considering the situation.For example, there’s a 1 minute break between this ‘You around in a few mins? ’ message, until she gives up on waiting for me and sends an ‘Oop! Text ya soon.’ message: This wasn’t always perfect, however.

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At one point near the end of our conversation, Jessie was at a party. yet when I did, she was still at the party, hanging out with the same people as when I’d left.