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Simplifymedia stuck on updating

The tasks app could check the Mobile Mail database and if a specially formatted email arrived, it’d ask to import the task.

This would make the to-do list app interoperable with the rest of the world, as email is fairly universal.

I also think it’ll be shot down by some for crazy privacy and security reasons, but fuck them.

The app runs as a background task, doing the following throughout the day: i.e. The purpose, though, would be stalking yourself, and sharing that information with others. There would be a background service that’d check things periodically - say, 15 minutes by default, but it’d be adjustable.

A few are mundane but have unique implementation details I haven’t seen elsewhere, and some are completely unusual and hopefully clever. It shows the stuff relative to today - the tasks due today, followed by the undated tasks.

We start with the standard input field, if you want to type a name for the task.

Also, at every interval where the phone checks up on life around it, it should record 5 seconds of audio, analyse whether the noise is silence, worthless noise, or something with the characteristics of music or speech.

If it is deemed interesting, the phone will keep recording and keep checking every 30 seconds until it stops being interesting, and so throughout the day the phone could collect conversations you have, TV and radio, lectures, and other such occurrences. This: A neat little timeline that takes all of the interesting “entries” in the diary (single photos, location changes, calls made etc) and smudges them together into readable, interesting ways, Facebook mini-feed style.

Each of the sub-screens provides details on when the item was recorded, where it was, etc, but the focus is on making an interesting timeline and not just generating a sequential list of what was recorded.In my example there are 16, but pressing the “…” button would expose another 48.The point of this redundancy is to help make the to-do list usable in real life, so that if you suddenly remember you need to go to the bank, instead of tap-tap-tapping “Go to the bank”, “financial”, “add”, you can just tap the green colour and add that.I have no mockup, but some ideas are: Of course, mere graphs of “active hours” would be interesting, as would usage stats that check how often you send messages, make calls, etc.But with such a rich set of information I think you could generate great stats pages that would be interesting to people. Yeah, you’d have to charge your battery nightly, but small sacrifice for something super neat, right?

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While it is an i Phone app, the phone should allow you to share your day and archived days via a regular webpage.