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She and Aslin led the formal complaint to the university on behalf of students, arguing that Jaeger had violated its policy against discrimination and harassment.

The university investigated and concluded — initially, and then again after an appeal — that Jaeger had not violated any university policies.

After the Mother Jones story appeared on 8 September, he and the conference organisers mutually agreed to cancel the talk, according to a university spokeswoman.

Jaeger’s behaviour came under scrutiny in early 2016, when he allegedly said at several faculty meetings that he saw no problem with faculty members dating students.

He had worked at the university for more than three decades, including stints as a dean and as a vice-provost.

Six of the seven other co-authors of the complaint have also left, or plan to leave, the university — most for reasons directly related to the incident.

In a 10 September statement, Seligman wrote that the core allegations “were investigated, appealed and found to be unsubstantiated”.

And in an e-mail to department members on 9 September, department chair Greg De Angelis wrote, “I want to assure you that [department] faculty and staff care deeply about the safety, security, and well-being of our students and the importance of a welcoming and safe workplace.” (De Angelis did not respond to Nature's request for comment on the matter.) But the university response did not go over well with many students, some of whom set up a Facebook page to protest the administration's handling of the case.

Seven current and former faculty members of the brain and cognitive sciences department, along with a former graduate student, have filed complaints against the university with the US government.The reports involve at least 11 women who interacted with Jaeger at various points since he arrived in Rochester in 2007.Among other things, the complaints allege sexual encounters with graduate students, parties with students involving illegal drugs, and remarks Jaeger made about the sexual attractiveness of students in front of other faculty members.Aslin and other faculty members began discussing the subject and discovered what they say is a string of sexual predations by Jaeger over the years.“We had all these concrete examples of something that we knew was wrong,” says Jessica Cantlon, an associate professor in the department.

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The commission is responsible for enforcing federal laws that make it illegal to discriminate against an employee because of their gender, among other factors.

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