Rowupdating event fires twice

Posted by / 06-Sep-2017 14:16

The message remains as the user pages or sorts the grid.The following screenshot illustrates this undesirable behavior.What we want is to have the Label's property revert to an empty string on subsequent postbacks.

The following screenshots illustrate this behavior. In the first screenshot, the user has attempted to update the Aniseed Syrup product's price to a value more than twice the original value (.00).You are developing something using the jquery API and you have attached an event handler method like .click() to an element, either by using .bind() or directly using the corresponding API method of the event for example .click().When you click on the element you find as if the body of the event handler getting called twice. When you click on the element having the class button, the alert box appears twice or many times.One of the reason I have experienced is, the element has been attached the event handler twice or many times (if the event fires many times) in the code. So each time you click on the element , the event handler fires each time it has been bound to the element.Find out the duplicate places where you have attached the same event handler to the same element and remove them.

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The first screenshot shows the page immediately after the product Chang has been updated.