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” While some never got used to being in the public eye, others went on to make it their livelihood.On this page, we start with seven Miss Americas who, after their reigns, stayed in the national spotlight.

In 1946, she married businessman Allan Wayne, with whom she had a daughter, Barra, now 52 and a screenwriter.While visiting a veteran’s hospital in Atlantic City, she says, the mother of a soldier injured in World War II told her, “I don’t want you to come in here.My son lost his legs because he went to war to save the Jews.” Such incidents only inspired Myerson.” After her reign Mobley moved to New York City, studied acting with Lee Strasberg—financed by her scholarship money—and launched a showbiz career that would include movies, musical theater and 10 years as cohost (with actor husband Gary Collins, 62) of the Miss America pageant.Now living in Beverly Hills with Collins (daughter Clancy, 31, is a TV executive), Mobley, 63, wasn’t supposed to be an actress.

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One minute you’re nearly anonymous; a second later, you’re wearing a tiara, waving like Queen Elizabeth and dabbing at your mascara right there on national TV to the strains of “There She Is.” The next morning you’re in every newspaper; then off on a yearlong whirlwind tour and then…well, what, exactly? Most of the winners look back with pride; a couple, frankly, are bitter; others simply bemused.

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