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Rainie yang is dating

Today's 6th graders will hit their prime working years in 2030.By that time, the "robot apocalypse" could be fully upon us.They'd be relegated to a series of dead-end positions, serving the elites who did.Alternatively, maybe Bill Gates and Elon Musk and the other big names ringing the alarm are wrong.Automation and artificial intelligence could have eliminated half the jobs in the United States economy.

In such a scenario, how many jobs would be left at the top of the labor-market pyramid? The company may be worth 0 billion, but it employs just 20,000 people. Now you can see why lots of reasonable people are drawing dire conclusions.

An elite coder with vision, people skills, and high-powered mentors, New York City 9th grader Emma Yang is as close to future-proof as a 13-year old can get.

But with technology radically reshaping the labor market, schools face a monumental challenge preparing all students to thrive in a murky future.

Inside schools, the result is tremendous uncertainty.

"For thousands of educators, this discussion isn't about 15 years from now.

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