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It now uses Mint's categorization engine, so it can auto-file expenses more accurately, and it connects directly to 18,000 financial institutions, up from about 6,000.Quicken 2012 also has new recession-friendly features.Also, since you pay for Quicken, it's your software not a guised vehicle that pitches you products.* Power and control.You'd be hard pressed to find an app or financial Web site that gives the level of customization and control as Quicken.The meetings got a lot more interesting a few years ago, when Mint threw a monkey wrench into the personal finance software market, which led to Intuit acquiring Mint and bringing in its CEO, Aaron Patzer, to re-light the Quicken product line.(You can download Quicken Premier, Quicken Home Business, and Quicken Deluxe from CNET ) Patzer came in with grand visions and ideas to make Quicken a more modern and relevant app.He planned to integrate Quicken with Mint and rewrite the app from scratch to make it possible for Intuit developers to update it more frequently.And by update it, he meant really improve it, not just add peripheral new features and re-skin the app every year, as they've been doing for about the last 10.

That's because Intuit is continuing its policy of "sunsetting" Quicken versions after three years.Bank and brokerage Web sites have greatly improved - and are often "good enough" for many users.In a recorded video to customers, Dunn says he's looking to invest in the product to make it even better.But evolution isn't something Quicken can keep kicking down the road.Bulky desktop computers - most of which probably ran some previous version of Quicken - have been replaced with sleek laptops that look more like tablets with keyboards than traditional laptops.

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Like Patzer was, Forth is no fan of the sunsetting policy, but he says it doesn't work for Intuit to support all the old versions of the app.

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