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In a wide-ranging speech, Mr Barnier called for clarity from the UK over the issue of the Irish border."The UK said it would continue to apply some EU rules on its territory, but not all rules," he told the audience.On the aerial map of a field in Belfast, Northern Ireland, which hangs in her office, Janet Donnelly, Murphy’s daughter, can pinpoint the exact location where it happened in August 1971: A red pin, marking the spot where he was shot, then cried out to his friend, “Dessie, I’m hit! It was one atrocity of many that would take place during Northern Ireland’s conflict, The Troubles, a war fuelled by hostility between the country’s Protestant and Catholic factions. The second bullet entered Murphy’s open wound as he was lying in the army barracks, where the British soldiers brought him, along with the rest of the injured. Donnelly can point to the barracks, or any other place on the map, and recount what happened there as if she was an eyewitness."We need to preserve stability and dialogue on the island of Ireland. I know that this point is politically sensitive in the UK, it is not less sensitive in Ireland," he told an audience at the Centre for European Reform."Some in the UK say that specific rules in Northern Ireland would endanger the integrity of the UK single market.

There are over 100 areas of cross-border cooperation on the island of Ireland and such cooperation depends in many cases on the application of common rule and common regulatory space." Theresa May has committed to taking the UK out of the single market and customs union, but the decision means new difficulties on the Irish border.The couple have been dating for a number of years with 21-year-old Sally showing her loyalty and support for her man through social media, and even poking a bit of fun at him.As the series got underway, Sally took to Twitter saying: "Honestly really looking forward to seeing Jonnie Peacock in glitter and fake tan...Brexit Secretary David Davis has however ruled out a “new border in the UK”, arguing that such a solution would risk “the constitutional and economic integrity of the United Kingdom”.The Conservatives also have no majority in the House of Commons and would likely rely on votes of the Northern Ireland unionists DUP to pass any Brexit deal, limiting the Government’s freedom of action on the subject.

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