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No longer updating

Therefore, if a retirement portfolio that is invested heavily in bonds in today’s market remains invested for the next 30 years, then it will likely earn less than half of the average historical rate for the first few years.If the portfolio only grows by an average of 2% during that period and the investor withdraws 4%, then the principal in the portfolio will be materially reduced for the remainder of the withdrawal period, thus substantially increasing the possibility that the portfolio will become prematurely depleted.You should reinstall the Dropbox desktop application.Fix: If the Desktop icon is grey, then you are not currently connected to the internet.This rule states that a retiree can usually withdraw about 4% of the value of his or her portfolio each year, provided that the portfolio is allocated at least 40% in equities.However, this traditional strategy has recently come under fire from retirement experts who claim that this rate of withdrawal is no longer realistic in the current economic environment.In some cases, retirees may be able to live on a lower amount of income, at least for a few years, especially if their homes will be paid off soon.The Bottom Line Some combination of these alternatives may be the best choice for many; a part-time job, some judicious changes in the portfolio and few cost-cutting measures can go a long way toward preserving that nest egg.

Fix: If you think you may be missing a shared folder, you can check the list of folders that can be re-added to your Dropbox.

Discouraging News A panel of retirement planning experts with Morningstar, a company that provides independent research on both individual securities and the financial markets, recently released a paper that indicates that it is impossible for retirees to be able to withdraw 4% of their portfolios each year and expect them to last for 30 years.

The authors back this assertion with data showing the stark difference between current and historical interest rates.

If you've verified that antivirus or security software is not interfering with your sync process, move on to step 13.

Fix: You can use Selective Sync to select only certain files to sync to your computer, but still have them on and on other computers.

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Fix: Delete files as necessary, or enable Selective Sync.

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