Ms sql updating multiple rows

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Ms sql updating multiple rows

Unfortunately the Postgre SQL JDBC driver does not handle this correctly and you will not see the result set returned by the function.

If this option is checked, then that mapping will be added to the global map (just as if you had executed command.The called script way may also include other scripts. as parameters for SQL Workbench/J commands) in the script are always resolved to the directory where the script is located, not the current directory of the application.The reason for excluding MS SQL is, that when creating stored procedures in MS SQL, the procedure parameters are identified using the @ sign, thus SQL Workbench/J would interpret the lines with the variable definition as the Wb Include command.All statements between these two will be sent as a single statement (using ) to the server.Note that not all JDBC drivers support batched statements, and the flexibility what kind of statements can be batched varies between the drivers as well.

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This is useful when testing and developing stored procedures that are managed by a Liquibase change Log.

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