Most intimidating song ever Gjrl live xx

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Most intimidating song ever

Sure enough, the others provides a different feeling, Stairway is really a lifting song and Long way to the top, as any AC/DC song, makes you go crazy, but you just can't compare these with that one, because people who really likes metal will get feelings from that song too.I purchased that album today, so I don't say I know about Metal, but I'm a true Rock fan, and I don't think the song is so overrated." It was a funny moment, but I sure can't recall the specifics. First Off, anyone who feels Metallica "Sold Out" With the Black Album which is made up of some of the greatest Metallica songs of All time is dead wrong.The only major difference between the Black Album and the first four is the Sound Quality. Although I love all of Metallica's material, the first four albums sound like they could have been recorded in their neighbor's garage.(I use the same style drum stick as Lars)This song is great,i saw someone said they sold out,they can eat me.if you are in a band you sell out,becuase you are making money by SELLing albums,you SELL tickets,and you SELL of my fondest memories was going to a ECW match down here in philly and sandman came out and raised hell.The riffs beats, lyrical content, and every key component of this song make it a true work of musical Art.

If you really LOVE Metallica for their music, then you are failing to realize MOST of it was written by other people and STOLEN. I'm not much into heavy metal but this song has that 'fatal attraction' to it and I make a rare exception to my normal tastes. I've heard songs dating back to the 1930s referencing it as such.The people who thought that they sold out are just upset that more and more people from every walk of life are listening to their "little" band.They're upset that they can't keep them in their back pocket anymore. To joe, norristown: I know three of the four song you said (don't know about the watchtower) and there's a difference here., and second, there would be a flood of comments explaining that the lyrics were ironic and that this was the darkest, most satanically evil song they had ever done! You can't say One's not Christian because it's about euthenasia.You can't say Master of Puppets isn't Christian because it's about being addicted to something, not about obeying the devil! And you can't say Fade to black isn't Christian because it's about NOT commiting suicide.

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Anything other than "Biggest Selling" or "Most Popular" etc. Which basically sums up what Metallica has done to its consumers, I mean fans. That title always went to Whiplash or Trapped Under Ice by my standards.

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