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Posted by / 20-Aug-2017 06:32

Don’t you for a second realise that Europe needs civilisation more than Africans do?

As for one of the other respondends, yes you should walk freely in UK as I also walk freely in SA since that is where I belong.

I intend to retire to the country and operate a bed and breakfast there.

It was only when I visited my children in the UK that I realized what a normal society should be like.

I have only been disappointed and disgusted by this country. It’s good for tourism, but definitely not to live here.

Every country that is lead by tribal blacks is in Choas. If a person is to stupid, or honest to lead then leadership should be done by the ones capable of doing so.

I think that all who wish to live there or do need to work cooperatively to resolve issues central to the well being to the people.

It is a good country with great potential…and I look forward to calling it home.

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We are proud of South Africa and what we have achieved and still to achieve.