Jewish dating rituals

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Jewish dating rituals

This scenario may sound like science fiction but the will be applied to “non citizens.” But once one class of people is deprived of their rights it’s only a matter of time before other groups are also deprived.

The Bible doesn’t directly explain why Christmas takes place in the winter. Here’s a thought for the harried among us who are unready for the arrival of another Christmas season: There was a time when some scholars argued that the holiday should be observed in the spring. It seems to us a matter of course that Christmas should come on Dec. But over the past 2,000 years or so, the timing of Jesus’ birth—which, as the bumper stickers like to remind us, is the original reason for the season—has generated considerable controversy.

But wait: Advocates for a December Nativity answer that sheep reserved for temple sacrifices would have grazed unfettered even in deepest winter. The earliest Christian writers were more interested in Jesus’ death and resurrection than in his birth.

The oldest of the Gospels, Mark’s, makes no mention of Jesus’ birth.

Over 20 US States to date have signed formal agreements with Israel to utilize Israeli police technology.But even to some Christians, Christmas has always seemed like a version of a pagan feast—and therefore unworthy of observance.The early church father Origen argued against celebrating Jesus’ birthday: “It is -century Massachusetts famously banned the holiday, in part because they found no Biblical authority for celebrating the Nativity on Dec. (They also feared the Saturnalia-esque disorder and rowdiness that seemed to go with the holiday.) Quakers, too, abstained from celebrating.The reasoning goes that the growing church, recognizing the popularity of the winter festivals, attached its own Christmas celebration to encourage the spread of Christianity.Business historian John Steele Gordon has described the December dating of the Nativity as a kind of ancient-world marketing ploy.

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A story last year, republished below, examined the longstanding dispute about when and how to celebrate Jesus’ birth.