Is diana ross dating anyone

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A central part of his (and Wonder Woman's) worldview was the idea "submission to loving authority," which shares some elements with BDSM and/or bondage, which many modern commentators have noticed - e.g., the "Suffering Sappho! Marston's writing is still hotly debated in fandom spaces; some people criticize his work as fetish fuel, others characterize this as a gross oversimplification.He also had very unconventional views on how the world should be run for the time he lived in, believing a Matriarchy would be superior to the male-dominated world of the 1940s. Due to the deal Marston struck with DC, for a long time (at least through 1986), DC had to publish at least four issues of each year or lose the rights to the character.However, it turns out that he is indirectly linked to Diana's home since his mother, Diana Trevor, crash landed there and died helping the Amazons defeat a monster, making her a deeply honored hero to them.

Rumor has it that Prince Harry himself has even questioned who his biological father is – and for good reason, unlike his mother, father, and brother Prince Harry has his signature bright orange hair, which is ironically identical to one of Diana’s alleged lovers – James Hewitt.According to the latest edition of GLOBE Magazine, “Love rat James Hewitt is stirring the pot once again as he endorses a controversial new stage play suggesting he is the real father of redheaded Prince Harry.John Conway, the writer of “Truth, Lies, And Diana” claims the princess’s former lover – also a redhead – has described the scenes about his life with the tragic royal as ‘accurate.’” Obviously the Royal Family is not happy about James Hewitt once again reminding the public that he could very easily be the father of Princess Diana’s 30 year old son Prince Harry, and changing his story.At the same time, her supervillain enemies became much more credible threats as in how the Cheetah was changed from a normal woman in a silly cheetah suit to a villain who became a powerful and deadly were-cheetah who is a real challenge to Diana in battle.A popular (and therefore cheapened) way to escalate the drama in Wonder Woman stories (or Crisis Crossovers) recently has been to threaten Paradise Island... The Amazons have been all-but-destroyed by Darkseid, themselves (in two civil wars), Imperiex, Hera, OMACs, Granny Goodness in the wake of , and in Alternate Universe by the removal of the gods' protection.

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So, do you think that the rumors are true and James Hewitt could be Prince Harry’s father?