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Decluttr issues your payment the day after your item arrives by Pay Pal, direct deposit, or paper check.

There’s no practical limit to the number of items you can sell: each order is technically limited to 500 items, but you can create as many orders as you like in any given timeframe.

The market for new articles on the Internet is vast, and there’s plenty of work to go around.

Additionally, book publishers are always looking for the next big book.

Sell Your Old Stuff Online With Decluttr Start online.

One of the best places to sell unwanted personal possessions is Decluttr, a website that buys used items directly from consumers.

Depending on the amount of effort you’re willing to give and your preferred sales model, these alternatives are worth considering: I may as well start with something I know well.

You can write for magazines, either online or in print.

You can blog by setting up your own site, or by writing for someone else’s.

Whatever your reason is, if you’re stuck at home most of the day, you’ve probably thought about the income you be making by taking a work-from-home job or running your own business.

Good news: There are plenty of legitimate ways to earn extra money sitting right where you are right now.

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When it comes to at-home income, selling your unwanted stuff is the definition of “low-hanging fruit.” Even if you’re resolutely intentional in your purchasing habits, you surely have possessions that you can do without: old kids’ clothing and toys, disused sporting goods, out-of-fashion wardrobe accessories, electronics, entertainment, valuable but non-sentimental keepsakes such as watches and jewelry, broken-in furniture, dusty tools and outdoor equipment, and perhaps even big-ticket items like a motorcycle or second car.

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