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I met a guy online, and a few days after we hooked up (because it wasn't a "date! I was born and raised in Vegas, and it will always in some weird way be home, but enough is enough. Then wanted to take me to his favorite club for dancing, which turned out to be Goodtimes on Tropicana, where everyone knew him, and he ended up leaving with a ponyboy in gold hot pants.") his pregnant ex-girlfriend hacked his phone and called me.

The rest of the time you meet a great person and they are a tourist (usually from another country), and you only get a few days with them. Il Mulino at Forum Shops for patio drinks and running in and out if the shops afterward. I joined a dating website because I moved to Las Vegas last August without knowing anyone here. I really liked him at first, but then he started talking about how all his exes were Playmates and models and strippers, but that he couldn't stop dating those girls because he refused to date anyone who didn't have blonde hair and implants.

Wayne Kalani, a bartender at the Garage bar near UNLV, echoes Valentine’s sentiments.

“All of the gay social media [applications] are way popular here,” he says, pointing out the venue’s many electrical outlets (strategically placed at every booth) that patrons often use. The Garage even has a stash of i Phone and Android plug-ins behind the bar for you to borrow.

With thumbnail photos of the 100 or so nearest prospects (or prospects’ abs) at their fingertips, guys no longer have to barhop or buy a bunch of drinks to meet Mr. He adds that while the recent technology hasn’t caught on with the “older crowd,” the 21- to 25-year olds are, for the most part, all on their i Phones and Androids.

“Nine times out of 10, they’re on their phone,” says Valentine, lamenting that some patrons opt to miss an entire drag show so they might connect with potential mates and dates online.

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