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In a multicultural country like Australia, marriage or partnering outside of one's ethnic group is no longer unusual.

In these groups, first generation inter-partnering rates sit at around 10 per cent, and increase to 30 per cent or more in the second generation and 60 per cent or more by the third generation.whoever." "The bride and the groom, I provide them with each other's contacts and then they talk it out amongst themselves.My interaction stops there, in a way, and both families start talking." Mankodi says the matchmaking approach favoured by Indians is very different to a Western model that tends to focus on the needs of the individual.They stress that it's too early to determine whether these patterns are due to ethnic preferences or length of time in Australia.Previous research suggests that intermarriage is likely to increase the longer any migrant group is in Australia.

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"The Indians believe in traditional matrimonial connection, which has been successful when compared with all due respect to the Western style of dating to relationships," he says.

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