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We're looking to fill the room with Board Games, Non-Casino Card Games, Collectible Card Games, Role-Playing Games, Miniatures Games, Game Demos and LARP's to add to our schedule for 2017.So if you have an idea or a game that you would like to share during the convention, please go to the Anthrocon Website, click the "Got an Idea? " link in the left menu bar and fill out the Google Document that it links to.To RSVP or get more info on this event please follow the link below.

There is Wi Fi as well as an available wired connection to the internet. All RSVP's should be checked here please: https:// All details etc are also at the URL Hello everyfur, Stripes Waterkat here.

I couldn’t wait to meet a furry, someone who adopts the identity or persona of an anthropomorphized animal in social – and often sexual – interactions. Instead, the furries were chatting, playing board games, smoking, and so on.

Since first discovering their existence two years ago while working as a research assistant in a sexology lab, whenever people ask me what I do, I respond with a question of my own: I hoped to learn as much as I could about ‘‘the fandom’’ and uncover the answers most sexologists are dying to know: Is it a genuine paraphilia [sexual disorder]? And showing off their fursuits: I learned the most popular choices were foxes, wolves, and dogs.

In fact, she saw nothing sexual at the whole convention except some erotic anthropomorphized fan art that was on sale.

More recently, the selection of animals had evolved to include hybrids that did not exist in reality, including those blended with mythical creatures (e.g. There is an important distinction between Each member of the community felt they had something that made them different and ill-fitting in mainstream society, such as Asperger’s syndrome or a facial tic.

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