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Unfortunately, since all the pools in the “nice” part of town weren’t hiring, she was stuck working here.

It was mostly fine, she just sat to herself on her phone, and looked up every few minutes to make sure no kids were drowning or anything. She did not expect to be babysitting a completely empty pool, with no one to talk to except for her dog.

“I can’t fucking believe this.” Katie muttered to herself. She looked herself up and down with a smile on her face.

She was a hot, incredibly skinny blonde that nearly all the boys in her school would do anything for.

Though she had many opportunities to be with guys, she really wasn't interested.

If she was being honest, she thought she hadn't met a guy that she could have sex with without feeling dirty afterwards; probably a side effect of her parents giving her whatever she wanted her whole life.

With a girl as attractive as her, her weekends should be spent at parties, or with friends. She was stuck at her shitty job, at a shitty pool, in a shitty part of town, with no one to talk to except her dog, Bandit.She felt her limbs begin to tense up, and she stretched her legs out as his licking got more and more intense.Her juices were flowing out of her pussy at this point, and Bandit was licking them all up as fast as he could.So Katie untied her red bikini top and bottom, and tossed them onto the hot concrete below.After a while of laying there silently, Katie started to slowly drift off to sleep again. She was in her bedroom, and some guy was down between her legs, licking her shaved pussy.

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“Shit, I’m gonna have tan lines.” Normally Katie would tan for a while at the pool, then tan naked in the privacy of her backyard at her house, to avoid getting tan lines.