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“There have been two major transitions” in heterosexual mating “in the last four million years,” he says.

“The first was around 10,000 to 15,000 years ago, in the agricultural revolution, when we became less migratory and more settled,” leading to the establishment of marriage as a cultural contract.

” So they messed around in the kitchen until they got this sweet son of a bitch.* *almost positive this definitely probably happened.

By the not-so-repressed emotions and physical responses these stories call up within me every time I am confronted with them, which is, at the moment, all day long.2. By the complete and utter shock that anyone is actually giving a fuck, because they never have before.My own experiences of rape, abuse, and harassment have been well documented in my music, my books, and my interviews, and so, since I talk about this kind of thing all the time—since I am outraged ALL the time—it didn’t seem terribly meaningful to throw my voice in the ring, and I chose, rather, to stand back and listen to what others were saying. You see, the 51% are rising, and it is in tribute to the valiant voices that are keeping this news on the front pages and pounding it into the public consciousness better than I ever could that I have made a remix of what is probably my most well-known song, “Fight Like A Girl,” incorporating just a few of these voices: Uma Thurman, Ronan Farrow (@ronanfarrow on social media), and my life-long hero, Emma Thompson. If you'd like to see the fabulous music video for the original version of "Fight Like A Girl" which features the most badass women I know, you can do so here: ORIGINAL "FLAG" MUSIC VIDEO *** Disclaimer: All audio clips not featured in the original “Fight Like A Girl” song by Emilie Autumn as released on the 2012 album by the same name are property of their respective owners.I’m glad I did, because I heard voices that thrilled me with the prospect of a future I have all but given up on. Thank you to the women who talk, thank you to the men who know that true equality (should we ever see anything resembling it) will be very much to their own advantage, thank you to my friend Scott Selby (@scottselby on Twitter) for sourcing and sharing the audio clips used in this remix and also for his support of the cause, thank you to Marc Senter (@marcsenter on everything) and Joshua Dietz for being the first to listen and make sure I’d done it right and not embarrassed myself, and thank YOU who I hope will enjoy and download and share this free track with anyone in your life who might need a little reminder that they are indeed stronger than they ever thought possible. Farrow who broke this whole story wide open, “Cheer for the women who talked.” Lastly, if you have been a victim of sexual assault and need to talk, I encourage you to contact RAINN by calling 800.656. Links to the full audio clips that were sourced in the creation of this remix are listed below.Don’t trust some store-bought dressing with hidden ingredients, make your own shit. #itsbeen Don’t spend your Memorial Day weekend letting your creepy uncle serve limp hot dogs and hockey puck hamburgers.Instead, whip up a batch of BBQ Bean Sliders with Celery Seed Slaw from our book TK2: Party Grub (LINK) and show people you’ve got some goddamn standards. Here’s the recipe for the grilled corn AKA elotes because we can’t just leave you hanging like that. Once upon a time, some motherfuckers were all, “We like cake and milk, but who has the time for both?

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“And the second major transition is with the rise of the Internet.”People used to meet their partners through proximity, through family and friends, but now Internet meeting is surpassing every other form.

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