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Free saudi live sex chats

In the news this week there is a case of a Saudi Man who supposedly managed to get hundreds of Saudi women to send him revealing photographs via their mobiles and then proceeded to blackmail them!The families of these girls would have been horrified if photographs of their daughters were circulated and just as horrified to know that they had sent the photographs in the first place.Since the internet is cheaper, people now use the online medium for messaging and calls, including video.Telecom companies are now facing the heat with immense losses as people are not using regular phone calls and SMS.Internet service providers are gaining revenue by having their data consumed for OTT applications, thus pushing telecos into losses.This reason, apart from concerns over national security with encryption-based OTT apps, are what most governments (and telecom operators) against.It is pretty simple—internet is far cheaper than regular calling.While local calls are almost free, inter-city and international calls are pretty expensive. However, chat applications solved this issue by allowing users to communicate with people overseas using the internet route.

But now, telecom companies are feeling the heat over losing their revenue to internet-based OTT communication apps.Saudi Arabia had previously banned Whats App and Viber, and now they have blocked Facebook Messenger, at least as far as media reports are stating.Users have reported that the applications were popping up messages on screen when trying to make voice and video calls.Most families would not tolerate this behavior and would likely take extreme measures against the women involved.So if you are an expat and thinking of following this terrible example, even as a joke – Don’t!

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So be careful as to what you keep on your phone and send to others.

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