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He switched on the speaker system and said he would pull off the dual carriageway and sort out the problem as soon as possible.

Behind him, girls were coughing and gasping as the acrid smell affected their breathing.

He opened his door and went round to meet the other two men who jumped out of the 4x4.

They handed him two repeater stun guns, and each had two for themselves.

Zip lock nylon closers went around wrists and ankles, then one man brought a small case from the 4x4 and handed out rubber ball gags.

Within less than three minutes, the passengers were helpless and gagged.

Fast and efficient, the men stunned the passengers so quickly that there were only a couple of shouts of dismay, nothing that would even have been heard outside the coach.

Two women and the other man were waiting in the farm.The driver flashed his rear lights, and took the small left junction, which would lead to a small village, Claydon.Almost at once there was a lay-by and he pulled off the road.The third man stayed with him on the coach and began to inject each of the girl passengers with an anaesthetic that would send them to sleep for at least three all sleeping like babes, he grunted. Jesus, we are going to need a bloody case of Viagra to cope with that lot. And that took some planning with the food and so on. It took just over an hour and a half to reach the small private lane leading to the farm.It was dark and there seemed to be not a soul around.

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