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I may not be able to love, but I do it, like a sex machine baby. Is it hot in here, or did your internal fan system just crash? It that a joystick you're holding or are you just happy to see me? Do you believe in love at first optical recognition, or should I ambulate by your location again? Yes, I know you're metric- but I'm willing to convert. I hope you have an accellerometer, because I'm gonna rock your world. Would you like a demo of my multitouch capabilities? Damn girl, just because you have wi-fi doesn't mean you should connect with everyone who sends you a signal! Because he stole some titanium bolts and put them in your eyes. Beep beep boop beep beep beep boop sex You make my interface GUI Can I have your ip number? Hey baby, are your pants reflective aluminum alloy? Sext Adventure is a text adventure in the truest sense of the phrase.

"Through each narrative, the bot develops a sense of agency and a sense of self with its own desires and expressions. If you were an engine I would be your fuel injector. Is that a mirror in your anodized Titanium exterior plating? "I bet I can decrypt your code" Is 2GB really your maximum RAM capacity? "I can't Force Quit You" Youtube Myspace and i'll Google your Yahoo! Your lips say 0 but your eyes say 1 I've got a case of WD-40 in the back, wanna get drunk? Let's lose ourselves in some mindless repetitive tasks.... When you flash your software, my floppy becomes a hard drive. Was that my CPU malfunctioning or did I just feel a spark between us? roses are #FF0000 / violets are #0000FF / all my base / belong to you. I need you to load your floppy disk into my hard drive. You must be tired because you've been running your code through my cpu all night Hey baby, my name's Vista, can I crash at your place tonight!The person on the receiving end of my smutty SMS isn't actually a person at all.It's a bot written by Kara Stone and developed by Nadine Lessio as part of a mobile game called Sext Adventure.

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"I get why you would want to avoid human contact and experience sexual intimacy via your phone rather than interpersonal relationships," the bot told me during one exchange. It's kind of lonely though." That might sound like judgment on the tip of its tongue, but fear not, The Sext Bot isn't here to scrutinize you.