Freddy and sam dating

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Freddy and sam dating

Clearly, Spencer is not a very good driver.• Spencer mentions B. I love the Lewbert character, played by the brilliant Jeremy Rowley.I've cast Jeremy in lots of my shows, including Drake & Josh, The Amanda Show, and others.i Carly Articles Original Articles on Fanpop Sorted by Recency READ MORE Is the host of her own popular web show i Carly which she produces with her two best friends Sam and Freddie Catarina Cat Valentine is one of the title . On Friday night – Novemeber 23rd, 2012 – i Carly aired its final, farewell episode – a one-hour special called i Goodbye. Part of me feels great about all we accomplished, and part of me feels extremely sad.i Carly first appeared on television on September 8th, 2007.• Early in the scene, behind Freddie, you'll see one of the background actors wearing a Penny-Tee that says Squash Bosom.If you've noticed, the main stars of i Carly haven't been wearing the Penny-Tees in recent episodes. You'll have to ask them.• The idea for Freddie's new giant phone came straight from the i Carly writers room.My first experience with Michael was when he and Drake Bell co-wrote the theme song for Drake & Josh.

I wish you could all meet Boogie – he's about as lovable and funny a guy as you'll ever meet. We'll get to that in a minute...• Jennette has a joke in this scene that's one of the funniest Sam jokes ever. He gives her this little smile, and my heart breaks. it's knowing that Carly is realizing she's going to have to say goodbye to Spencer...

In this first scene, Carly and Sam mention Miss Briggs's "pointy boobs" – which they talked about in the first episode. This scene begins in Carly and Spencer's apartment, with Spencer getting a tool to work on a motorcycle – and then Sam and Freddie enter the apartment, together. And as a special bonus, a Triumph is the kind of motorcycle that Fonzie rode, on the classic TV show Happy Days.

• Just before filming this scene, I experienced one of my most awkward moments ever, as executive producer of i Carly! • Yep, in this scene, we learn the name of another one of Socko's relatives – Ryder.

I think i Goodbye marks the first episode of i Carly where Freddie is not using a Pear Phone.• Since Miss Briggs was in the first scene of the very first episode of i Carly, I felt it was only right to put her in the first scene of the last episode. She's played by Mindy Sterling, a fantastic comedy actress and a lovely person.

• You'll notice, in i Goodbye, a lot of "nods" (references) to past episodes of i Carly. I don't know know much much about motorcycles, but Jerry Trainor does, so he helped me pick what kind we should use.

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• This scene ends with Lewbert in the elevator being awesomely Lewberty.• I needed a fun song to be playing when this scene opened, and I decided to go with "The Joke Is On You" – because so many i Carly fans loved that song when it was first used in i Get Pranky (during the montage when Spencer was pulling pranks on everyone).