Flirt dating tube Adult phone 10p chat 121

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Flirt dating tube

Other key features include a time-stamped selfie, to ensure at least one photo is up to date and realistic, and message deletion after 24 hours, to encourage people to get in contact quickly, and to not dwell on conversations that don’t go anywhere.

When you see someone attractive you simply have to open the app, find their profile and send them a Spark.

If you feel bold then casually ask for his number at the end; or just use the opportunity to practice your flirting skills for when you meet a guy you really like.

You spot someone you fancy on the Tube, fantasise about your deliciously perfect life together, name your three kids and… You’ve reached your stop and your soul mate has vanished into the murky ether of the underground forever.

Marsden insists that it is not just another hook-up app.

Users only get one free Spark to send per day, making the process a little more thoughtful than the relentless swiping of Tinder.

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Recipients have 24 hours to respond to the Spark before the connection is lost forever.

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