Fatima bhutto dating george

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Fatima bhutto dating george

Ms Bhutto maintains that her aunt Benazir was responsible for her father’s killing. No, I thought I was going to be in front of strangers. It was also nice to come across Indians who were curious about Pakistan and wanted to know more about it. And I saw people exclaiming when you appeared wearing a saree. And so when people said that what a nice Indian dress I was wearing…

She lives with her mother and two brothers in Karachi. And then I saw some of my former classmates from the University of London. A gentleman standing behind me said that you were looking so Indian. We are so curious about each other but we don’t have access to each other’s countries. I said, well, you know my grandmother wore sarees all her life. You see, in Pakistan, women wear shalwar kameezes during the day and sarees in the evening… Yes, it’s the same thing on both sides of the border.

Granddaughter to Pakistan’s Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and daughter of Mir Murtaza Bhutto, Ms Bhutto was born in Kabul in 1982. ” Why are Indians worried about how you are being treated in Pakistan? but when you go to Pakistan or I come to India, people are the same, the language is the same, the culture is the same, so you don’t feel like a stranger.

Her father was killed by the police in 1996 in Karachi during the premiership of his sister, Benazir Bhutto, who was assassinated in 2007.

It’s near Sea View (beach), in Defence (a posh neighbourhood).

You go with friends or family to the Sunday bazaar? When you are there, is it like, “Hey I’m a Bhutto and I’m in Itwaar Bazaar”? I think when things are dangerous, one have to be careful.

so if you go to a party, you see the same 200 people, and after about three of such parties, it gets dull. for example, I have been spending a lot of time recently in a neighbourhood called Sohrab Goth…

you know, it’s a very large city but you are limited to certain neighbourhoods… But because of my mother’s political work, because of my writing… My Karachi friends had strictly warned me not to step into Lyari.

I went to Houston, Arizona, Phoenix, Washington, Boston, New York. Do you really believe your late aunt to be capable of such a crime?

It’s unlike Defence or Clifton where you live in your own bubble and you don’t know what’s happening around. So I’m writing a magazine piece on Afghan refugees in Karachi and that’s why I have been spending a lot of time in Sohrab Goth, which is where some big refugee camps are. so there are tremendous amount of books on south Asia and Raj. He was very fascinated about modern art so we have lots of books on it from the region. The idea that, first of all, this company owns everything you put on it is ridiculous.

There they share and exchange each other’s experiences. she sorted out all the shelves and numbered each of them. What’s amazing about his library is that he loved books. Each section of the library is devoted to a certain study or history…

You are limited to certain neighbourhood obviously.

I have heard that your grandfather’s library used to be the best in Asia.

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I think because we don’t know a lot about each other… So many members of your family have died in unnatural circumstances.

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