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But if you’re not comfortable escalating this to someone above your boss, you don’t have many options.

Someone from above needs to intervene, and it’s not something you have standing to do on your own.

Complicating matters, I also believe Jane to be the least effective people manager.

Her team is a revolving door and those with tenure resent her and my manager.

This is pretty much always the case when you’re interested in someone but it’s especially true at work, since she’s a captive audience and you have an obligation not to make work weird for her.

As for leaving your job and then asking her out, that’s a pretty extreme move when you have no signs thus far that she’d say yes … My own manager has four direct reports, all managers.

We met while our agencies were working on a mutual project and when that ended he asked me out for lunch a couple of times.

If you hadn’t worked together before those lunch dates, the connection would be too tenuous to be useful.Welcome to It’s Complicated, a week of stories on the sometimes frustrating, sometimes confusing, always engrossing subject of modern relationships.This week’s Ask a Boss tackles your questions on the particularly complicated matter of office relationships. I started a new job at a small nonprofit seven months ago.It has fostered suspicion among my peers that our compensation is impacted by this relationship.It has also created difficulties because most of our reports believe their relationship is romantic.

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We have discussed this with my manager and he seems unconcerned about the problems.