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A right intention means we look at our problems differently.If abortion is an option, abortion is the most likely outcome.They'd been "going out" for a few months but I hadn't heard her name mentioned in a while. " And he said, "Oh we broke up." Ay, the boy will never tell me anything, I always have to ask. It was time to pray before putting the girls to bed, and then he was going out with some friends. I'm going to tell him that I just don't see any good reason for teenagers to be dating.

Children this age can give their hearts away so easily, and then inevitably they get hurt when the break up happens.Although it’s sometimes a slap in the face to read, applying some of Dr.Laura’s advice to my own relationship has strengthened our marriage extremely!I believe that in a society that permits the life of even one individual (born or unborn) to be dependent on whether that life is wanted or not, all its citizens stand in danger... But I've told him no dating any girl older then him.In my day that was a no no, but these days you seem to find some girls who are quite fine to date younger boys, and my son looks a lot older then his age plus he is tall, so I've said, no hussy's.

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Although knowing the “10 Stupid Things” may be helpful now that you are married, think about all the heartache you may have saved if you had read and applied this advice from the very beginning of your marriage!

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