Dos and donts of dating moms with young children

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Concealed carry holder stops mass shooting in South Carolina. Man who tried to assassinate The Donald may get thirty years. The role of turmeric in allergies, heart disease and diabetes prevention.

Jet streams north and south of the equator bad. : Trump says any republican candidate who signed the pledge to support the GOP candidate who does not do so should not be allowed to run for elected office. Also covered the importance of zinc in sperm count, libido and preventing pneumonia.

14 year old brat white boy apologies to Everyone and says men should act like women. Thanks for supporting : Senate votes this week to give FBI warrant less search of your browsing history. Good green : Six facts that proves gun control does not work. : Police is Rio are warning folks not to attend Olympics. Man charged with felony and jailed for burning the American flag.

Putin warns NATO is taking us to WW3 Trump release ten point plan to reform the VA Americans are no longer eating out as much. Russia deploying it's aircraft carrier to the Syria area.

From the halls of montezuma to shores of political correctness. Pot Capitol of the world Denver destroys a families home to apprehend a Walmart shop lifter. Truth of the rothschilds involvement in the treaty of WW1 Green high energy show : When do you intervene if you have a child with a drug problem? Us navy bans drinking for 18,600 sailors stationed in Japan. Residents of town in tennessee required to remove yard gardens.

Catholic priests in Montreal no longer allowed to meet with children due to rampant pedofiles. USA is spending 20,000 on every refugee then they get benefits. 80% of breads contain this carcinogen Breast milk vs formula ...breast milk wins every time. Plus detailed explanation of what cell phones do to disrupt sleep cycle. : Stress kills multiple disorders linked to stress. Catholic Church spent two million in NY trying to prevent the boys sodomized by their priests from suing the church.

while the dea still keeps cannabis in the same schedule 1 category. Hungary is building another massive wall to keep jihad out. Root canals increase risk of cancer and other health issues. Leaked emails indicate democrats are targeting Christians. : Merkel is continuing her insane immigration policy. Three charged so far in a billion dollar Medicare scheme. New studies on glyphosate ...just keeps getting worse. Russian people are storing food and salt in preparation for WW3. American college of pediatrics says teaching children transgender ism is child abuse. 14 year old brat white boy apologies to Everyone and says men should act like women. 300k migrants in Germany are now working illegally and giving kickbacks to asylum staff Immigration judges now releasing 33% of illegal’s charged with crimes since 2015Syrian refugees now flooding Michigan along with shari towns now completely muslims controlled in that state. Republican Illinois governor signs pro abortion bill. Democratic convention ends with having to pay attendees to fill seats. German politician trying to put German troops back on the streets of germany. Evidence unfolding that CIA and NATO may have been involved is Turkish coup. Romance novels the new porn being used against women. Ted Cruz soiled himself last night at the convention, politically. BBC says calling a terrorist a terrorist is politically incorrect...Problem is they are serious. High energy green show : How the election machines were hacked.. US airforce now using technology to detonate plasma bombs in the ionosphere to build radio reflective plasma; absolutely nothing could go wrong with that idea. Soda: one of the most unhealthy drinks to put in your body. Louisiana government demand residents stop being self reliant and helping one another; They must be forced to surrender all control to the tyrannical government. Texas allows guns on college campuses by 21 year olds. Soldiers are replacing police to help guard Vienna against migrants. Anti NATO protests in turkey Hungary's president endorses Trump. I hear the marching of the storm troopers down the cobblestone streets of Berlin. This is a high energy green show : Rnc starts session with Sikh prayer. Italy puts massive restrictions on glyphosate usage in the strictest regulations ever passed on the toxic compound. Sperm counts in men are being lowered by cell phones. Bomb blast, machete attack and shooting in Germany.

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