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An indication of his age is given in the charter dated to [1081/84] under which "Odo dux Burgundie" confirmed a donation by "frater meus domnus Hugo" to the abbey of Molesme with the consent of "fratres mei Robertus archidiaconus, Henricus puer, Beatrix et Helia sorores mee". His parentage is confirmed by an early 12th century document at Fleury which records that "Ainrico uni filiorum, filioducis Roberti" married "alteram filiamnon ex coniugali" of Alfonso VI King of Castile. The dating clause of the charter dated , under which Tello Telliz..coniuge mea Maior Suariz donated "divisa..villa... Oterolo iusta flumen Aratogie territorio Castro Froila..fuit de Pelagio Pelaiz" to Iohan Flainiz, records Henricus comes in Alcamora et in Astorica simul in Portugal.... (Guimares , separated 1195, annulled for consanguinity 1198) as his first wife, her first cousin, ALFONSO IX King of Len, son of FERNANDO II King of Len & his first wife Infanta dona Urraca de Portugal (Zamora -Villanueva de Sarra , bur Santiago de Compostela, Cathedral Santiago el Mayor). He was killed at the siege of Astorga, supporting doa Urraca Queen of Castile against her second husband don Alfonso I King of Aragon. He succeeded in 1217 as The Nobiliario of Pedro Conde de Barcelos names "D.

It was established as a separate administrative territory by the kings of Asturias towards the end of the ninth century, with a governor ("dux") appointed for life by the crown.

Comite Dono Henrico..uxore mea Infante Dona Taraxea granted privileges to Villa Constantin de Panonias, confirmed by Infans Dono Alfoso filius Henrici comiti et uxor mea Infante Dona Taraxia, by charter dated 1096The dating clause of a charter dated , under which "Pelayo Xemeniz" donated land en Ville Ceide... (Coimbra -Mallorca , bur Palma de Mallorca, San Francisco). The Nobiliario of Pedro Conde de Barcelos names "D.

to the monastery of San Salvador, records Sanxus comes in Toro et alius comes domino Ancricco in Auctario de Selles, comes Remundus tenente in Coria et in Zamora. The Nobiliario of Pedro Conde de Barcelos names "D.

She adopted the title TERESA Queen of Portugal from Nov 1117. The Chronica Adefonsi Imperatoris records that Alfonso VII King of Castile met "Teresa queen of the Portuguese and with Count Fernando" at Ricobayo and made peace with them after his accession in 1126.

"Tarasia regina domni Adefonsi Yspaniarum imperatoris filia" donated "monasterio Sancte Marie quod cognomento Viminerium" to Cluny by charter dated , confirmed by "Infans Ildefonsus Comes Fernandus Comes Monio Infanta Sancia".

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The name Portugal is first found in a document of 883.