Dating rugged men who ride horses

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(95 per skier; Want to hunt big game in the high mountains?Head to Corkins Lodge near Chama, a small village in New Mexico and call local guide Peter Romero.(,000 for archery, ,000 for rifle; 5 days, includes guide, food, lodging, permits; email Peter Romero: [email protected]) About 270 million people across the globe speak the Spanish language—and you can be one of them if you beef up your high school language skills with a full-immersion experience.Head to the Mariposa Spanish School, one of Nicaragua’s highest rated programs.He’ll take you out on 8,600 acres of land rising ranging between 8,000 and 11,000 feet above sea level, to the best spots to shoot.Archery season is in September, while rifle season is in October, so plan accordingly.

Whether you canoe the north woods in Maine, sea kayak in Baja, or dogsled in Alaska, you’ll return home a rejuvenated, stronger man.A course includes 20 hours of personalized language instruction per week, room and board (either at the school or with a local family) and trips to local volcanoes, markets, and attractions.The school has a special 2-week study tour coming up in July.You’ll use writing, photography, and video to highlight the land’s different ecosystems and promote environmentally conscious farming. (55; Nothing pushes you further beyond your mental and physical limits than an Outward Bound Wilderness expedition.Though it’s not adrenaline pumping by any means, you’ll get a thrill from immersing yourself into the community and leaving a positive impact. It’s part survival course, part adventure vacation: group leaders take you and your crew into the wilderness where they teach trekking, sailing, and mountaineering skills.

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Choose between river boat (hammock-style) or houseboat (plush air-conditioned cabins).