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During the call the double doors open and the cuckoo emerges as usual, but only on the full hour, and they do not have a gong wire chime.The movement of the cuckoo in such clocks is regulated by an electromagnet that pulses on and off, attracting a weight, that acts as a fulcrum, connected to the tail of the plastic cuckoo bird, thus moving the bird up and down in his enclosure.

Today's cuckoo clocks are almost always weight driven, though a very few are spring driven.The bird automatically opens its beak and moves both its wings and tail.Simultaneously, there is heard the whistle—call of the cuckoo, created by two organ pipes, tuned to a minor or major third.In musical quartz clocks, the hourly chime is followed by the replay of one of twelve popular melodies (one for each hour).Some musical quartz clocks also reproduce many of the popular automata found on mechanical musical clocks, such as beer drinkers, wood-choppers, and jumping deer.

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