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Dating kings lynn

10 September – Banquet held in Assembly Room, attended by HRH The Duke of Kent, High Steward of King’s Lynn marking the 800th anniversary of King’s Lynn’s Charter of 1204.

A 9 course banquet, one for each 100 years was served.

The design of its entrance doorway was influenced by the then newly built Newgate prison in London. The four mirrors between the windows of the Assembly Room presented.

Prisoners no longer served sentences in cells, but the cells remained as lock ups until 1937.

DATE OF BIRTH: 23 April 1994, Spalding, Lincolnshire.

BRITISH CAREER: (2010) Rye House II; (2011-12) King’s Lynn II; (2014-16) King’s Lynn II.

Western Section became Bridewell House of Correction.Magistrates’ Court was transferred to building in College Lane opposite the Town Hall.Gaol House converted to a Tourist Information Centre after being occupied for two decades by the Council Housing Department.Jacobean Hall Porch and staircase built and Queen Elizabeth Coat of Arms was taken from another building and placed over the twelve-light window.Coat of Arms of Charles II fixed, replacing that of the Commonwealth, which in turn had replaced that of earlier Stuart Kings.

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Ketton stone floor laid in Stone Hall over brick vaulting of the undercroft. Only the jambs and arch are of 15th century stonework.