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Sells new for 9; get this one in perfect condition in the box with power supply and manual for 9. If youre into Lo-Fi delay, this is probably the best one out there (click here for a lo-fi demo).

This is the perfect neck for tapping, double stops, bends, and all the other pyrotechnics.If you prefer the stock Dragon II pickups I might have a set here we can install but trust me, these Suhr's sound great.My favorite PRS of all time happened to be a CE finished in orange that I foolishly sold around 15 years ago. Features include carved mahogany body with carved maple top, gloss finish, PRS tremolo, PRS locking tuners, quarter-sawn maple neck with wide-thin carve, moon inlays, and 5-way rotary for a good selection of single coil and humbucker tones.After an initial small run of hand-signed guitars which were sold exclusively at auction, the model went into regular limited production, with a run of 5 years (04-08).For those who recall, this is a replica of the B&W guitar Ed played during the first Van Halen album, thus its referred to as the VH1.

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You can also save 50 of your patches for instant recall.

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