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Dating antique tools

The first serious hobbyists started showing up in the early 1970s.But judging from the many old tool boxes and original shops I have visited over the years, the hobbyists of the 1970s were not the first Stanley collectors.By your donation to BATM you can help assure this goal can be met. Your donation will be used only for helping to make BATM a self supporting member of the community and if you would be so kind as to help us in our endeavor to become the most unique museum of its kind in the world and a self supporting member of the local community we look forward to having you on board this great adventure. Like coins, the various models can be listed and, in many cases, production periods have been established.Stanley tools can almost be collected by the model number.These type studies have been published in several books and offer extensive information on the design changes and improvements implemented over the years.

Potato or beet shovel (no longer in collection) 35. Since the early 1970s, Stanley tool collecting and tool collecting of all kinds has exploded.Many books, articles and guides have been published, and today a tremendous amount of information is available.Collectors today are putting together smaller collections and choosing each new addition with greater care. If the handles were broken or cracked, the value would be reduced below that of good. The japanning will be 75% or better, and the polished surface should not be rusted or pitted. Damaged or missing parts considerably reduce the value of tools in this condition. The easiest way to think of values for Stanley tools—and for that matter, all antique tools—is to divide the pricing into categories based on condition. Some items are common and therefore lower in value; others are rarer or in higher demand and therefore more valuable.As with all grades, damaged wood and missing or broken parts reduce the value. Once you know the general value of an item, you need only consider its condition to determine its final value.

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Short handled slasher (no longer in collection) 42.

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