Dating and epilepsy

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Their hypothesis was borne out by a comparison to similar neuronal death in epileptic animals versus healthy ones.

The authors believe their findings suggest a potential value in treatment of epilepsy with blood flow regulating drugs to reduce the amount of seizure-related neurodegeneration. "Lack of oxygen, not excessive stimulation, cause for half of seizure-related brain damage in epilepsy." Science Daily. The first evidence that hyaluronic acid plays a role in epileptic seizures has been revealed, providing a potential new approach for treatments.

In addition, he has become more dependent on me and his medication interferes with his ability to concentrate.

His behavior is often irresponsible and I’m certain that the combination of Topomax, Dilantin and Depakote affect his ability to think clearly. I do love him, but I no longer feel like his partner. I am not sexually attracted to him and I hate myself for it.

This contributes to the growing literature that suggests that capillaries are not simply passive tubes through which blood cells flow to irrigate tissue, but rather they may actively contribute to the control of local blood flow directly.

"Our findings have the potential to transform current understanding of neural degeneration in epilepsy (a wide-reaching and often intractable condition, affecting 50 million people worldwide)," writes Dr. They moreover resolve a historical controversy about the causes and mechanisms of epilepsy, dating back to observations in the 18th century." In the study, researchers examined the brain function of animals with epilepsy to distinguish between neuronal death caused by excitotoxicity versus hypoxia.

I don’t know that there is anything you can do marriage wise to make your situation better, but it is worth exploring if you both can agree to give it a try.

Regardless of what you might be able to accomplish in terms of getting your marriage less like parent and child and more like partner and partner, you yourself are in severe need of respite and social support. Please find a support group for spouses of medically compromised persons, a therapist, a clergy person, a friend, a parent, an internet support community. Talking about what you are going through with others who have been there, or who just care about you and want to help can be very liberating.

My salary has never been enough to really support us both and financial problems have been constant.I couldn’t maintain it, despite the intellectual and sexual aspect. I’ve sought professional help, but haven’t really received meaningful advice.My conscience won’t let me leave him, but I don’t know how to stay with him and feel satisfied. I don’t think he could survive without me at this point. I want to do the right thing, but I want to be happy. I understand that my problem is not an easy one to solve, so I don’t blame anyone for not being able to help me. Although many of us pledge to remain partners ‘in sickness and health’ when we marry, few of us really have to confront the meaning of this pledge in the way you have been forced to confront it.Today women comprise the majority of these patients, and they feel that their condition is their own fault. Up until that point, he had a good job and we were financially secure.

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Neuronal degeneration is the most severe long-term consequence of repetitive seizures in patients with epilepsy, which until now was thought to be primarily caused by excitotoxicity, or over-stimulation of the neurons.

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