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But look behind the lycra for a moment, and not everything is as ticketyboo as it may appear. With virtually every scrap of annual leave hoovered up by going off to Lanzarote, or Majorca, or Tenerife, or France for bike weeks, training camps, triathlons, marathons, adventure races and God knows what else you can kiss goodbye to your two weeks of sun-kissed relaxation in the Caribbean. You could always go on one of their trips with them, if you fancy spending all day on your own while they are out cycling.

Here then, for your future happiness, are the top ten reasons why you should never date a triathlete... And if by some miracle you do manage to persuade your beloved to spare some time for a “normal” holiday, expect them to be a fidgeting mass of tense energy, unable to sit still for more than five minutes without sloping off to do laps of the pool while you sunbathe, or sneaking out for a run before breakfast. However it is particularly dangerous to accompany a triathlete to a race because you run the risk of seeing the “other side” of your paramour. Triathletes only eat two sorts of meals – enormous, or nothing.

Earlier this year I went to all the trouble of making my wife her very own Valentine’s Day card which said on the front cover “You’re the reason I get up in the morning”, before she opened it up and inside was written “Only kidding, I’m training for an Ironman.” I made my own tea that night.

And it amused me to see the consternation on the faces of my athlete friends as they struggled with the changes.

And on those occasions when nature takes its course, even then things may not go entirely as you would wish, and I know of at least one true tale of a triathlete who wore a heart rate monitor during moments of tenderness to measure calories burned and what their heart rate got up to in case it needed to be logged in their training diary. Now you know what you’re getting into should you decide to date a triathlete.

Not that we aren’t capable of being romantic of course.

As I once (perhaps mistakenly) told a past boyfriend: “You may be my boyfriend, but triathlon is my husband.” Needless to say, this did not go over very well.

All of those hours spent alone with ourselves in the meditative realm of Zone 2 really forces us to think about things like who we are, what we believe in, the meaning of life, what we’re going to eat immediately when we get home, and other critical themes. And so we find ourselves caught up in a committed relationship, legs intertwined with the goddess of multisport.

If you make us stay out late with you at some sub-par Mexican restaurant, and hence compromise the quality or timing of our planned weekend long run/ride, we will resent you. We WILL spend more time swimming, biking, and running, than with you. It’s not that we don’t like you, it’s just that, well, we like SBR better. Vacations, dates, and trips centered around doing something physical and rugged are incredibly hot. It’s really, honestly, seriously not about the bike. The bike is just a vehicle for personal growth and change. …but if you HAVE to give us a gift, give us a bike! This lens–one of encouragement, big dreaming, and distinctive goal-setting–is the one through which we understand how to show love and affection.

Working hard = progress, and progress = personal growth and improvement.

We crazy endurance junkies have found an arena in which one of the most basic human needs is not only attainable, it’s incredibly accessible. In summary: how to date a triathlete: -Dream big -Stock up on Product 19.

This only parallels the personal and professional changes we undergo as individuals over these dynamic years in life, which is why we shouldn’t attach our relationship’s identity to our sport.

Relationships are hard enough to navigate but they can hit crisis mode quite easily when they rely on a shared sport, especially when one person suffers an injury, forcing a change in disciplines and challenging life as the couple knew it.

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