Date not updating in excel worksheet

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Date not updating in excel worksheet

To check the setting, click the Formulas tab on the Excel Ribbon, and click the Calculate Options drop down.

Or, go to the Excel Options window, and click Formulas.

Thanks, I have worked out a system to determine whether a public holiday is a weekday, but this also gives an alternative.

And this formula will return "Holiday" if the specific date is a public holiday, and return "No" if it's not.

(2) You can also apply this array formula In Part 1 we have listed all holidays in a given year, and now this method will guide you to count the number of days except all weekends and holidays in a date range.

See screen shot below: It must be very tedious to refer cells and apply formulas for calculating each holiday.

Kutools for Excel provides a cute workaround of Auto Text utility to to save the range as an Auto Text entry, which can remain the cell formats and formulas in the range.

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